March 19th, Sue and I set out on our first official 20 for #20 half marathon. We choose the Grasslands Trail run in Decatur, TX for our kickoff race.
It was an incredible run that gave us plenty of time to think of the obstacles that those with ALS face on a daily basis. We had to overcome some mud, thick sand, a creek crossing, rocks, ruts, tree roots and a briar patch but it was well worth it and nothing in comparison to what the ALS patients have going on. An interesting moment occurred as we were eating a little breakfast prior to heading out to the trail start. We met Ms. Tina, the breakfast hostess at the Decatur Holiday Inn Express. She saw our shirts and was intrigued. Then, she shared her story – she had become the sole caregiver to Mrs. Robinson, a dear friend of hers, who succumbed to the disease while Ms. Tina held her hand. We were in complete awe that on our first outing we would meet someone who could relate to the struggles of ALS and understand why we have chosen to raise awareness and funds for the ALS TDI Research.

The following day, March 20th, we ran the A2A half marathon in Ardmore, OK.   This would be our second race of 60 for ALS (we are doing them in increments of 20 hence the name 20 for #20). It was a cold and windy Oklahoma morning but again, we were reminded of our cause as we fought through the elements even though our bodies wanted to quit. It is a privilege for us to still be able to get out there and run – and run we shall.

We will continue to chronicle our journey through June 2017 here.

We are also excited to announce that Your Pie in Greenville,SC   is the first to team up with our fundraising efforts by hosting a fundraiser night every 3rd Thursday evening of the month through June 2017.  Continue to follow as we will have additional fundraising events throughout the next year.

The link to our ALS fundraising page is

Please share the link and help us reach our goal!  All donations are tax deductible.



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