Knocking out ALS in Knoxville

What a way to kick off ALS Awareness Month – a Half Marathon in Knoxville, TN.   Knoxville is an easy drive from my home so it was a trip without Sue…..she was missed.  My good friend, Lisa, ran with me and you will see her name pop up quite frequently in these blogs.  The ride up was smooth but we had thunderstorms threatening us.  We were a little concerned that they could affect race day.  I really DID NOT want to run in rain.  Race 13.1 (  puts on great races and I LOVE running them. Packet pick up was uneventful, quick and smooth.  We had a nutritious dinner and then went to bed at a good time.  It stormed on and off all through the night.  We had gone to bed knowing there was a good chance of running in the rain the first portion of the race but we were pleasantly surprised to see the weather update when we woke up – NO RAIN!  BUT, it was humid!  It was 63 degrees to start at 0700 and only warming up.  We stayed real close to the start line which meant not having to leave our room too insanely early.

The race was really nice – definitely one of my favorites.  The course had a couple of steep hills but nothing like we have been running.  My left foot started cramping within the first mile.  I have never had that happen before!  I am still not 100% why it was doing it but I literally ran about 9 miles with a foot cramp.  I personally think it was a gentle reminder of why Sue and I are doing what we are doing.  Adversity happens to everyone but for those with ALS it is a daily struggle not just an occasional one.  I thought about that a lot.  Although we are only 2 months into this fundraising effort the struggles are real and I am constantly reminded of it. 

Please help us help others!  Head on over to   and make a donation today and share it with everyone you know. 

Thank you!


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