3 Races, 3 Days, 3 States

3 Half Marathons, 3 Days, and in 3 different states. 

My family joined me (Rhonda) on a trip out West as I decided to take on the 3/3/3.  We flew into Salt Lake City and of course had to go to the Great Salt Lake.  Little did I know that the sand would be so hot that it literally burnt my feet!  5 quarter and half dollar sized blisters on the soles of my feet!  Not the way to start off a 3 day race series.  Next stop – Walmart  – bought blister band-aids as I know they work and prayed my feet would be ok for this adventure.   Spent the night in Layton, UT and then headed towards Bear Lake and Montpelier, ID where we would be staying the next couple of nights.  The trip only got more adventurous as my 12 year old came down with the 24 hour stomach virus.  I prayed even more that I wouldn’t get that!

Thursday, June 9th, was my first race.  I ran it in Cokeville, Wyoming with the Bear Lake Endurance Series.  I was very pleased with the race director, the swag and even the course. It was an out and back with rolling hills but my feet were covered with the band-aids and no pain!   The 6200+ feet of elevation did mess with me a little bit but all in all a good race.  Knowing I would be doing 3 in a row, I opted to use the Galloway method with 3 min running/30 sec walking.  I definitely felt fine all day afterwards.  Was able to see some of my fellow runner friends from the running groups I belong to which is always an added bonus with running throughout the country.   We were able to get out and do sightseeing in Idaho and around Bear Lake.  We saw so much in the first couple of days.  I love history and especially anything with the Oregon Trail – I was in the mecca!   

Friday, June 10th, Day 2 and I was running a flat course in Saint Charles, Idaho.  My quads were feeling the hills from the day before but my feet still felt good.  I used the Galloway method again but with 2 min/35 sec.  The course was beautiful with views of Bear Lake.  Once I finished and got showered up we hit the road for West Yellowstone.  We made several site seeing stops along the way.  This is truly beautiful country.   I did miscalculate the distance from our room at Canyon Lodge in Yellowstone to the actual race start which will mean an earlier waking time.

Saturday, June 11th, Day 3.  This race was held in West Yellowstone, MT with the National Park Race Series.  It was another very well organized race.  It was a complete trail race and a tough one at that.  But I stuck it out.  After all – the reason I am running is for ALS Awareness and they don’t get the choice to stick it out or not.  I mostly used the same Galloway ratios as the day before – except for the extremely large hill which I decided to walk the majority of.  The elevation was too much for my asthmatic lungs (which I forgot my inhaler in South Carolina).   I did take full advantage of the downhill portion though so I am sure it somehow evened out.   

Spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday touring Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks.   I cannot even put into words how beautiful it truly is.  I am so blessed to be able to run across the USA.  Three new states added in my quest to run all 50 States.  All in all the 3/3/3 was a great time and I would definitely do three in a row again. 



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