Bud & Sue’s Excellent Adventure Continues

Wow, it is hard to believe we’ve been on this adventure for three weeks already.   It was nice to have a two-week break between races.  First of all, my body needed it…those downhills take a toll on me.  But also just to have some time not prepping and running.  Don’t get me wrong, I love running, but it’s all about balance.   

Our last week in Colorado was relatively uneventful.  A few short hikes, some running, a tour of the Coors Brewery and dealing with some minor issues with the truck and trailer pretty much rounded out the week.  It was also quite hot, which did nothing for motivation.  In the meantime, we had outstayed our 14 day limit at Clear Creek Campground, so moved to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds for a couple days.  It was more spacious, but not quite as plentiful of amenities or scenery.   

Saturday was soon upon us and it was again time to run.  The Slacker Half Marathon took place June 25 and ran from Loveland Ski Area to Georgetown, CO.  It, too, had a major elevation drop that played havoc with my already sore knees.  I did, however, run my best time in quite awhile. I felt like I was finally acclimating to the elevation.  I had adjusted my run/walk intervals to 2 minutes running/30 seconds walking and it felt good.  The scenery was beautiful, fellow runners friendly, and volunteers were great.  Otherwise, it was a rather uneventful race, except for the final incline for about the last half mile to the finish line – something I abhor in a race. The finish area was different than I had ever really experienced where you crossed, got water, then walked a block or two through the small town to find food and refreshments and finally stand in line to pick up your packet (bag with various brochures, shirt, and medal all tucked inside).  Bib pickup on Wednesday was just that, bib pickup only.  Relatively soon, I hopped in a shuttle back to the truck to drive the 45 minutes back to the fairgrounds.


 The next day we packed up and headed north to Custer, SD, for two days doing the tourist thing.  Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, and some wine tasting.  We had a really nice dinner at the Buglin’ Bull – I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area.  We are now in Ekalaka, MT, for a few days visiting Bud’s cousin and wife.  Then it will be westward bound to Lincoln and Missoula Montana for my final two races of the adventure. 



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