ALS TDI Fundraising Update

Sue owes us a big ol’ blog and it’s coming; but in the meantime, we thought we’d update a bit on our fundraising efforts.  After all, that is what this is really about.  As of this week, we are closing in on having raised 10% of our goal.  We are stoked about what’s been accomplished, yet daunted by what is still ahead.

First let’s celebrate the accomplishments thus far!

Our very first fundraising events were through Your Pie Restaurant in Greenville, SC.  Not only did they donate a percentage of sales, these evenings also generated a few individual donations which again blow us away every time we learn of another personal story of how ALS has affected lives.

We’ve also joined up with Bravelets on an ongoing basis.  Any purchases of this awesome jewelry through our link will yield a donation to our Solesisters – 20for#20 effort.  This jewelry is not only nice for yourself, but makes a great gift.

In May (ALS Awareness Month) Bird on a Perch Pilates Studio hosted a “Sweat for ALS” fundraiser for us.  Along with a donation only mat class, Allison set up a hugely successful silent auction.  Generous donations of goods and services for the auction were received from:  Bird on a Perch, Clearspace Body Works, Doulas of Marquette, et Images , Lakeshore Skin Care, Queen City Running, Sage & Spry, and Spruce Wax & Skin.  We cannot thank everyone involved in this enough – this one event yielded over $600. Again if you are ever in Marquette and want a great Pilates workout, this is THE PLACE; Allison & Angie are AH-MAY-ZING (in more ways than one).

NOW Rhonda’s daughter, Jamie, is kicking off a Scentsy business and for her kickoff is hosting a fundraiser event for ALS! Head over to: and do some summer shopping!  This is something you can get in on now – but don’t wait, the event will close in just a few days.  Again, these are great items for yourself or as gifts!

Coming soon:

Sep 29 – Moe’s Southwest Grill will be hosting a fundraising night.  A percentage of all sales will go to ALS.  We love Moe’s!

Oct 8 – Crossfit WOD style fundraiser at Intensity Strength and Conditioning Gym .  Come get fit and help fight ALS!  100% of donations will be donated.

In addition to these past, present and future events, we are continuing to investigate and set up others to help us reach our goal.  Keep checking with us to see what’s up and what you may be able to participate in.  Please don’t hesitate to send us any ideas you may have!

But to be honest, what is really going to get us to our goal are the individual donations that many of you have made directly to our ALS Therapy Development Institute fundraising page.  We are so touched by the generous cash gifts we have received.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

The need continues

However, as mentioned earlier, we are only at 10% of our lofty goal of $20,000.  So here’s the part that is hard for us – the ask.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to 20for#20. Any amount will help us get to our goal; but more importantly will help find a cure and effective treatment for this terrible disease. 

We want to thank everyone for their past and continued support in every form.  We have certainly felt the love from prayers, dedicated runs, donations, “likes” and atta-girls, your help in fundraising, smiles, hugs, and countless other things is what keeps us going.




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