Same day, Different states

Once again, Sue and I were running the same day but in different states.  I was in Georgia running the Run Like a Diva Peachtree Half Marathon and she was in Michigan running the Iron Mountain Trail Half Marathon. 

I, Rhonda, traveled over the night before with our friend Lisa.  We arrived and went straight to packet pick up and then off to the hotel.   A Diva race has been on my bucket list for quite some time.  After a good night of sleep we were up nice and early to head to the parking lot in order to hop on the shuttle to the start line.  We arrived with plenty of time but agreed we would much rather have extra time at the starting area rather than waiting on buses.  We were given our pink tutus to wear during the race at the expo. 

 It was a “cool” 64 degrees at start time.  I was super thrilled with that!  I typically have everything about the race course all mapped out in my head and have reviewed the course diagram several times prior to running.  Well, that did not happen this time.  I have been super busy so this course was literally a surprise to me.  It was hilly…..and yes, I am tired of hills.  They did a great job with ample hydration stations and even a popsicle station!  Yes, I had a blue one.    At mile 13 they handed us our pink boas and our tiaras.  I did not try to wear it in, rather I carried the tiara and had the boa on.  The finish line was full of spectators cheering you in.

Once I crossed over I was given my amazing tiara medal by a shirtless local fireman – sorry no photo.  Then I grabbed a glass of pink bubbly and a cookie!  They were yummy.   I found Lisa and we made our way back to the shuttle so we could get back to the hotel and on our way home.  An uneventful day but definitely a great race. 

 Meanwhile in Michigan…….well, I’ll let Sue tell the story……

The Iron Mountain Trail and Road Half Marathon kicked my behind.  I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Hubby and I made the 1.5 hour trip Saturday morning; we didn’t have to leave until 7:30 since the race didn’t start until 9:00 am Central (we are in the Eastern time zone).  We drove through and arrive to pouring rain…yes, I am getting a little tired of running in the rain.  So happy that Queen City Running Company hooked me up with my GoreTex running shoes.  There is no substitute for a local running store and I’m loving Kevin and staff. 

Without a lot of mundane detail, let’s just say it was wet, cold (in my book), and muddy.  The relatively hilly course incorporates 4-5 miles of technical trail mid-run.  Slick?  Oh yeah.  Since this mostly two-rut trail is also utilized for horseback riding, there’s the added challenge of dodging horse dung.  Let’s just say I failed at the “dodging” part.  I came home feeling pretty beat up.

BUT this truly is a great race.  Amazing staff and volunteers!  The goodie bag and bling was awesome – especially considering the registration fee.  The race shirt was a hoodie sweatshirt, sunglasses, fridge clip, buff, lip balm, a couple Cliff Bars, and various other items were included in a nice zippered logo bag.  Post-race included massages, snacks, individual pasties, chocolate milk, beer, soda….  Not bad for a race with under 200 participants.

Highlights:  Met a friend on the course I hadn’t seen in quite some time and got a quick “Sue-fie” as he called it.  I leap-frogged with a young woman quite a bit and she kept calling me The ALS Warrior. A couple people asked me why my watch kept beeping and I was able to share my love of the Galloway run/walk method.  And finally, Bud was at the finish to cheer me across.  All-in-all a great race.



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