I love the Race 13.1 races.  Our friend, Lisa, and I (Rhonda) drove the 3 hour trip to Greensboro, NC on May 14th to run on the 15th.  I had the start of a cold but wasn’t feeling too bad so figured it wouldn’t be an issue.  An uneventful drive and packet pick up and we were off to check into the hotel and then find something for dinner.  We called it an early evening and just relaxed after getting everything race ready.  I took some Nyquil and was off to sleep.

And then I awoke Sunday morning – feeling horrible!  If I had been at my house I would not have ran.  But, I told Lisa that we have come this far and even if I had to walk it I would finish it. After all, those with ALS don’t get to wait for a day to feel better – they just suck it up and move forward and that was exactly what I was going to do as well.

The race was very well organized as I have become accustomed to with this series.  I ended up running a half mile and then having to walk about a tenth of a mile throughout the whole race.  My chest was hurting, I couldn’t breathe and felt downright miserable.  The end could not come soon enough.  But it did come.  I stuck with it and lived to tell about it.

We went back to the hotel where I quickly hopped into a hot shower, dressed in layers, took some more cold medication and we hit the road for home. 

Next up – Sue and I head to Green Bay, Wisconsin.



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